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“Gatsby Inspired” is Everywhere…Get On the Big Jazz Age Trend!

All the Gatsby talk, with the soon to be released 3-D movie, The Great Gatsby,  inspired me to want to share my love of jewelry and fashion from this amazing era. Have you seen the Brooks Brothers Collection of original Gatsby inspired fashions created for men( Or the Tiffany & Co. long flapper pearls?

I have beed designing jewelry from the Jazz Age also known as Art Deco because there is an excitement about this time seeped in the secretive “speak easys” and clubs, women showing their independence by cutting their hair short and wearing slip like dresses with little room for corsets of the past. Here are some of my designs inspired by the women of the Gatsby era.

For more information about these pieces and other designs go to

Art Deco Silver Metal & Black Enamel Brooch Transformed into a 3 Strand Bracelet of Vintage Jet Beads, Pewter & Pearl Beads & Swarovski Crystals

Vintage Art Deco Rhinestone Buckle Transformed into a Swinging 52″ Long Pearl Necklace

My Collection of Antique & Vintage Christmas Ornaments – It’s like seeing old friends…

Hi, Happy New Year to my friends!  Sorry that I have not spoken to you in a while.  The holidays were tough this year with so much sadness in the world.  I found it difficult to write and although the holidays are over, I want to share with you my “other” love, antique & vintage Christmas ornaments.   As with my first love, jewelry, my mother began my collection of ornaments when I married and decided to make a major project decorating for the holidays.  Ever since, I have collected antique Victorian and vintage of all decades each year adding to my collection and unfortunately, always breaking a few!  I begin decorating, I hate to admit, before Thanksgiving. Why not? After all the effort I want to enjoy it for a while.  When I see each ornament after a year of hibernation I feel like I am seeing old friends.  Here are a few photos of my ornaments in their storage boxes and then on the trees.

My Old Friends Emerging from Their Sleep

My Old Friends Emerging from Their Sleep

Victorian Tree! Not the best photo! This tree wouldn’t cooperate!

From my Teapot Collection

From my Teapot Collection

Another teapot and other precious ornaments

Another teapot and other precious ornaments

Two of my many Santas!


Mid-Century Tabletop Tree

Mid-Century Tabletop Tree

Voutique | A New Vintage Marketplace

Fun UK based on-line vintage market place that I think you will enjoy! Read the main article then click on the links i.e. 1950’s clothing, etc.

What a Great New York City Vintage Clothing Show and Sale! “Manhattan Vintage”

The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and Sale is an amazing shopping experience for those of us who can’t get enough of the past. And yes they have tons of vintage costume jewlery! My friend and I spent a few hours going from booth to booth and could have spent the entire day going down memory lane. Every decade was present from the 30’s to the 80’s. We also took quite a bit of video with my phone, but alas, I didn’t press the video button! So here is my only still photo but fortunately it is a great one of a 1960’s London Carnaby Street Red Dolman Sleeve coat. I can’t wait until there next show in February!


The Lure of Maine’s Falling Leaves & the Rainbow at the End ~ Vintage Costume Jewelry

Imagine travelling down Route 1 in Maine with the amazing colored leaves falling and antique store after antique store luring you in to take you back in time. This is what my drive home from Maine is all about.  Every year and sometimes twice a year my family meets in Portland, Maine for a weekend to visit my niece. We have a great time together, especially visiting my niece’s authentic 1950’s house decorated only with 1950’s and 1960’s furnishings, but the trip home is the highlight for me. This is why! The loot!!  Celluloid buttons, Bakelite buckles, 1950’s plastic beads, mid-century brooches will all become amazingly transformed into wearable jewelry for today’s fashions from

Fantastic Jewelry Trunk Show at Adam Broderick Salon Spa!!

I had the amazing opportunity to show and sell my Out of the Box Jewelry designs at the Adam Broderick Salon and Spa in Ridgefield and Southbury, CT. I want to thank everyone in both salons for being so welcoming and helpful to me! It was a great experience and I will be back in the Ridgefield Salon and Spa in December (exact date to follow). Here are some photos of the events:

Fall Fashion: Brooches! Brooches! Brooches! How many do you have in your jewelry box?

Fall Fashion: Brooches! Brooches! Brooches! How many do you have in your jewelry box?.

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