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FUN! FUN! FUN! 5,000 Square Foot New York City Wearhouse of Vintage Jewelry Shopping!!!

August 28, 2012

When I emailed Elyse Schimel, co-owner with her father, Carl Schimel, of CJS Sales, to find out the details of purchasing from her wearhouse, she reponded: “I looked at your website and you would be in heaven!” And she was more than right about that! She also said be prepared to get dirty and be hot, everything is in boxes and the more you know about vintage jewelry the better experience you will have. I did get very dirty and hot and loved every minute of it. I also found out that as much as I do know about vintage jewelry, I can always learn a lot more!! Here are some photos of this amazing buying experience!

YIKES! Elyse wasn’t kidding!

A Fellow Vintage Sleuth! I hope she doesn’t find something that I want!

The Search!

The Almost Final Haul!

How did these two get into this business?
Elyse and Carl Unpacking the Huge Delivery!

The Schimmel's, Carl and his brother Marty, started Kim Craftsmen, a jewelry design business focused on metal (copper) working. They found in the 1950's that young women were searching for an identity through fashion and art so the brothers began "social networking" before anyone knew what that was! They took their designs to college campuses and targeted the "movers and shakers" and "weekend bohemian girls" or what we in marketing today call "trend setters" or "first responders" and through their trend setting reputations the "word-of-mouth" advertising began and the business took off.

A Pair of Kim Craftsmen Earrings Circa Late ’50’s Early 60’s in the Original Packaging!
It was so nice of Elyse to give me a gift of this pair of earrings from her father’s early collections! I always love owning a little piece of history and especially when I have met the artist!

  1. Linda permalink

    Wow, now that’s a treasure hunt!

  2. So glad you Luv’d our Warehouse!!!
    Thanks, Elyse

  3. connie permalink

    I was under the impression that CJS sales dealt with vintage beads and accessories only, not jewelry. Can you inform me on this?
    thank you.

    • Hi, Connie,
      They have some finished jewelry but they primarily deal in vintage beads and jewelry parts. Hope this answers your question.


  4. I’ve been there twice……3-4 hours each time. Had my ‘booty’ shipped home so I could enjoy a noce dinner in NY.
    Cannot begin to describe how much fun it is. And what wonderful treasures I found.
    Cannot wait to get back….already bought the bus tickets for the return trip.
    Roberta Bobbi Pehr…

  5. Reblogged this on CJS and commented:
    Great pic’s of CJS!

  6. A search in Google raised your blog – I’m pleased it did, many thanks.

  7. just so you know carl wasnt the “artist” marty was. marty created all the designs and carl was more into the business side. he passed in 2006. im a family member

  8. Such a good article and certainly served to clear
    my brain somewhat

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