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The Lure of Maine’s Falling Leaves & the Rainbow at the End ~ Vintage Costume Jewelry

November 6, 2012

Imagine travelling down Route 1 in Maine with the amazing colored leaves falling and antique store after antique store luring you in to take you back in time. This is what my drive home from Maine is all about.  Every year and sometimes twice a year my family meets in Portland, Maine for a weekend to visit my niece. We have a great time together, especially visiting my niece’s authentic 1950’s house decorated only with 1950’s and 1960’s furnishings, but the trip home is the highlight for me. This is why! The loot!!  Celluloid buttons, Bakelite buckles, 1950’s plastic beads, mid-century brooches will all become amazingly transformed into wearable jewelry for today’s fashions from

  1. Lois Weinstein permalink

    Lyme,you are so clever and you write so well.thanks

    NWarm Regards, Lois Sent from my iPhone

  2. Vicki Driscoll permalink

    I have several pieces of Lynne’s beautiful jewelry. They are one of a kind pieces that are great gifts for the holiday.
    Thank you Lynne

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