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“Gatsby Inspired” is Everywhere…Get On the Big Jazz Age Trend!

May 5, 2013

All the Gatsby talk, with the soon to be released 3-D movie, The Great Gatsby,  inspired me to want to share my love of jewelry and fashion from this amazing era. Have you seen the Brooks Brothers Collection of original Gatsby inspired fashions created for men( Or the Tiffany & Co. long flapper pearls?

I have beed designing jewelry from the Jazz Age also known as Art Deco because there is an excitement about this time seeped in the secretive “speak easys” and clubs, women showing their independence by cutting their hair short and wearing slip like dresses with little room for corsets of the past. Here are some of my designs inspired by the women of the Gatsby era.

For more information about these pieces and other designs go to

Art Deco Silver Metal & Black Enamel Brooch Transformed into a 3 Strand Bracelet of Vintage Jet Beads, Pewter & Pearl Beads & Swarovski Crystals

Vintage Art Deco Rhinestone Buckle Transformed into a Swinging 52″ Long Pearl Necklace

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  1. nice pearl necklace……

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